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取締役社長 庄司 隆敏
Takatoshi Shoji: Representative Director and President

Our corporate philosophy at Advanced Composite is ” Supporting a Global Future with Advances Composites”. Based on our strategy of “Leading the world with technology”, we have a management policy that leads the world to a new stage through the provision of our technology and products.

Technological developments such as computers, information communication equipment, means of transportation, medical care, and energy are moving to a new stage with 5G.
There are various obstacles: the more powerful, the more functional, and the smaller the computer, the more heat it generates. Transportation means such as railroads and airways are becoming faster and safer, and the individual component parts are required to have accuracy, strength, heat resistance, weight reduction, wear resistance, durability, and magnetic resistance. Various performance requirements include simultaneous possession of contradictory properties, and we believe that our unprecedented Metal Matrix Composite materials can contribute to meeting these requirements.
We at Advanced Composite make full use of the world class Squeeze Casting technology to provide a unique composite metal material with the performance essential for all technologies to evolve to the next stage.
By having many companies around the world adopt our products, we will work together to improve the global environment through resource-saving and energy-saving activities, and contribute to a better life and the development of an Earth-friendly society.

Company Profile

Company name Advanced Composite Corporation
Address Head Office : 2259-9 Oobuchi, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tel number +81(0)545-32-7904
Fax number +81(0)545-32-7905
Date of Establishment 22th of July, 2015
Capital amount 330 million yen
Representative Takatoshi Shoji
Branch Tokyo Branch
2-23-1-315 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Main Businesses Development, manufacture and sales of Metal Matrix Composite materials and Joined products using Squeeze Casting Technology

ISO 9001 Certification Acquisition

Advanced Composite Co. Ltd. has obtained ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems, as outlined below. 
We will continually maintain and improve our quality management system and quality policies to provide high-quality and consistent service to our clients.

The ISO 9001 certificate has been awarded for development and manufacturing of metal matrix composite materials and joined products by squeeze casting technology.

Registration number15556
Certification standardISO 9001:2015 
Initial certification dateNovember 8, 2023
Examination bodyIntertek Certification Co., Ltd.
Certification bodyUKAS (UK Certification Body Accreditation Council)

Equipment list


Head Office : 2259-9 Oobuchi, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture


By train: About 30 min. by Taxi from Fuji Station on the Tokaido conventional line or Shin-Fuji Station on the Shinkansen.

By car: About 20 minutes from Tomei Expressway Fuji IC, or about 15 minutes from Shin-Tomei Expressway Shin-Fuji IC

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Our strengths

Our three strengths

We can achieve dramatic improvements in properties by designing composite materials with characteristics and functions that cannot be achieved with a single material.

①World-class Squeeze Casting technology

Our 4 applied Technologies using Squeeze Casting : High Performance Metal, Joining, Insert Casting and Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs).

Squeeze Casting is a method of casting an alloy with excellent characteristics by putting molten metal into a mold and solidifying (molding) it by applying high pressure.
It is suitable for the fabrication of MMCs by impregnating the reinforcement preform with a Matrix, joining solid dissimilar metals, and producing a cast-in heater as well.

Our 4 Technologies
  • High Performance Metal
  • Metal Joining
  • Insert-Casting
  • Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

This casting method produces castings with a dense alloy structure, fewer blowholes, and improved strength and fatigue properties.

Liquid forging Press Machines
(9 machines owned) for Squeeze Casting
Our Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) manufacturing method
Our Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) manufacturing method

A “matrix material (molten metal)” is added to the “reinforcement material” and molded at high pressure to impregnate the metal and form a composite. It is possible to impart functions, physical properties, and properties that cannot be obtained with single materials or a composite material with other production methods.

Reinforcement (carbon/ ceramics/ metal)
  • Ceramics (alumina / silicon carbide / silicon nitride / aluminum borate)
  • Metal powder (silicon, etc.)
  • Graphite (isotropic / anisotropic carbon, etc.)
  • State (particles, whiskers, staples, long fibers, porous bodies, etc.)
Matrix ( Metal)
  • “Aluminum (Cast alloys, di-cast alloys, wrought alloys)
  • Copper, magnesium, nickel, etc.”

②Material property design technology to customize and optimize for its purpose

Designing MMCs with various properties, which could not be achieved with a single metal, to meet the challenges of the growing industry

In order to make full use of the merits of composite materials, not only as a substitute for metals, we select the properties of the materials, change the ratio, and adjust the thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, rigidity, etc. according to the user’s required properties. In this way we have established a method for designing and proposing new materials.

③Experiences in manufacturing Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) with aluminum as a core matrix

Production and distribution of semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts made from MMC

We are one of the few companies that actually develops, manufactures, and sells various aluminum-based composites ahead of other companies. We develop AC-Albolon, which has excellent processability, and ACM, which is a graphite composite material, ahead of other companies.

  • AC-Albolon
  • AC-Alsic
  • AC-Alox
  • AC-Alcon
  • ACM-a / ACM-io

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