Our insert-cast products

Other materials are inserted in cast aluminum


  • Technology to wrap heater wires and water cooling pipes in molten aluminum
  • Casting with molten aluminum eliminates the air layer between the aluminum and other materials. Direct contact of the two materials greatly improves thermal conductivity and heat uniformity.
  • For high-temperature applications, it is also possible to cast ceramics and graphite at the same time.


  • By eliminating voids, thermal conductivity and heat uniformity are dramatically improved.
  • Since there are few blowholes, it has excellent heat transfer and heat uniformity, so the reliability of the material is high and the performance of the heater is improved.
  • Heaters can be cast in composite material and covered entirely in aluminum that can be anodized
  • Usable in vacuum
  • Can be used at high temperature (450 degrees)


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