What is your challenge?

Challenge to higher speed and higher accuracy

Feature of our composite materials
  • Material with high specific stiffness (Young’s modulus/density)
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • It is possible to match the linear guide used and the thermal expansion.
Name of our composite material
  • AC-Albolon (aluminum borate/aluminum composite)
  • AC-Alsic (silicon carbide/aluminum composite)
  • AC-Alcon/new material under development (composite material of silicon/aluminum)
Solution to a challenge
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If you are using aluminum
By changing to Albolon and Alcon, it has the same density and Young’s modulus as aluminum, and has the same vibration damping performance as cast iron.
If you are using cast iron
By changing to Albolon, Alcon, and Alsic, the density is equivalent to that of aluminum, and the Young’s modulus is comparable or higher than that of cast iron (AlSic).
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Inspection equipment
  • Mounting machine
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment

Trouble with heat dissipation

  • ACM-a

Trouble with heating and cooling

Features of our material

• Technology to wrap heater wires and water cooling pipes in molten aluminum (Casting)

• By casting with molten aluminum, the air layer between the aluminum contacts is eliminated, greatly improving thermal conductivity and heat uniformity.

• By sandwiching a mica heater between the upper and lower cooling plates, a structure that
 integrates both heating and cooling
is possible. (example: Heating & Cooling plate)


  • Heater (casting)
  • Cooling pipe (Joint and casting)

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