What is Metal Matrix Composite?


Metal matrix composites (MMC) inherit the advantages of conventional single metal materials, while combining recently developed highly functional single materials (carbon ceramics, carbon, etc.). We have achieved a dramatic improvement in characteristics that cannot be achieved with individual single materials. The composite materials we make are also being developed for practical use as materials that promote future technological development, contributing to the creation of new industries and society.

Ever since the metal refining method was invented, metal materials have continued to support the development of mankind and have created history. 6,000 years ago, iron began to be used, which is stronger than the pottery and porcelain that had been used until then, and about 150 years ago, aluminum was discovered and contributed to weight reduction. About 60 years ago, various single new materials with high performance such as fine ceramics and carbon fiber were born. In this trend, multiple materials have been combined to develop various composite materials with higher functionality.

What is Metal Matrix Composite?

Various characteristics are required for materials such as wanting to increase rigidity without changing shape or weight, wanting to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity, and wanting materials with excellent heat dissipation. Whereas single materials such as iron, copper, and silicon cannot achieve these properties, composite materials can achieve these properties. By combining various reinforcement materials (ceramics, graphite, etc.) with the base matrix metal, it is possible to design and achieve dramatic improvements in properties. We can meet the needs of our customers with high-performance materials that cannot be achieved with a single material.

Combination of matrix and reinforcement materials

By the Squeeze Casting method (Liquid Forging method / High Pressure Casting ), it is possible to design and manufacture new materials with unprecedented functions, physical properties, and characteristics that could not be obtained with individual materials and other composite material methods.

Our Metal Matrix Composite

We are one of the few companies that actually develops, manufactures and sells various aluminum-based composites ahead of other companies. Development of AC-Albolon which has excellent process-ability, ACM which is a graphite composite material ahead of other companies, etc.

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